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More Websites = More Leads
Most real estate firms have a main corporate website that lists their properties and land for sale, agents, and office location(s). They may also have a corporate newsletter that is sent to their collective clients. These are typical and appropriate marketing activities for a real estate firm.

The Problem
The problem with this approach is that it really undermines your ability to generate leads from online searches. In late 2010 Google changed their search algorithm to favor local searches. This gives focused, targeted websites an advantage over broad corporate websites. An individual website can only be effectively optimized for 4 to 6 key search phrases. How then can a real estate firm with dozens or hundreds of agents in multiple cities possibly optimize for this many search options? The answer is you can't do it with only one website. If your real estate firm has one main website, you are surely missing out on a large volume of online searches.

The Solution
Our unique online marketing software allows us to create dozens and even hundreds of very targeted websites, all branded like your real estate firm's main website. Each website is much smaller than the main website and very targeted for a specific location, and a few key search phrases. These small websites are called microsites. (This website is a microsite.)

By having a large quantity of microsites on the internet your real estate firm will dramatically increase the odds of people finding your firm. Think of it like fishing…would you rather have one line in the water, or 100 lines in the water? The same is true with websites. Our system allows you to effectively cast a large net into the river of online searches instead of only a single line.

This real estate firm marketing strategy is rarely utilized because it is normally too expensive and time consuming to create and manage a large quantity of websites. However, our proprietary software platform allows us to create dozens and even hundreds of websites relatively quickly, and for a very low cost. Even better is that every microsite receives targeted SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure high rankings for the microsites and the main website.

This results in a great return on investment (ROI) for our clients!

Our software produces a powerful marketing service that any real estate firm would greatly benefit from. And the low monthly cost makes it a must have component of any sales and marketing strategy.

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